Source code for libqtile.widget.textbox

from .. import bar
from . import base

[docs]class TextBox(base._TextBox): """ A flexible textbox that can be updated from bound keys, scripts and qsh. """ defaults = [ ("font", "Arial", "Text font"), ("fontsize", None, "Font pixel size. Calculated if None."), ("fontshadow", None, "font shadow color, default is None(no shadow)"), ("padding", None, "Padding left and right. Calculated if None."), ("foreground", "#ffffff", "Foreground colour."), ] def __init__(self, text=" ", width=bar.CALCULATED, **config): base._TextBox.__init__(self, text=text, width=width, **config) def update(self, text): self.text = text def cmd_update(self, text): """ Update the text in a TextBox widget. """ self.update(text) def cmd_get(self): """ Retrieve the text in a TextBox widget. """ return self.text