Source code for libqtile.widget.sensors

#!/usr/bin/env python
# coding: utf-8

from . import base
from six import u

from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
import re

[docs]class ThermalSensor(base.InLoopPollText): ''' For using the thermal sensor widget you need to have lm-sensors installed. You can get a list of the tag_sensors executing "sensors" in your terminal. Then you can choose which you want, otherwise it will display the first available. ''' defaults = [ ('metric', True, 'True to use metric/C, False to use imperial/F'), ('show_tag', False, 'Show tag sensor'), ('update_interval', 2, 'Update interval in seconds'), ('tag_sensor', None, 'Tag of the temperature sensor. For example: "temp1" or "Core 0"'), ( 'threshold', 70, 'If the current temperature value is above, ' 'then change to foreground_alert colour' ), ('foreground_alert', 'ff0000', 'Foreground colour alert'), ] def __init__(self, **config): base.InLoopPollText.__init__(self, **config) self.add_defaults(ThermalSensor.defaults) self.sensors_temp = re.compile( u(r""" ([a-zA-Z0-9\s]+): #Tag \s+[+-] #Temp signed ([0-9]+\.[0-9]+) #Temp value (\xc2\xb0 #° match [CF]) #Celsius or Fahrenheit """), re.UNICODE | re.VERBOSE ) self.value_temp = re.compile("[0-9]+\.[0-9]+") temp_values = self.get_temp_sensors() self.foreground_normal = self.foreground if temp_values is None: = "sensors command not found" elif len(temp_values) == 0: = "Temperature sensors not found" elif self.tag_sensor is None: for k in temp_values: self.tag_sensor = k break def get_temp_sensors(self): fahrenheit = [] if not self.metric: fahrenheit = ["-f"] try: cmd_sensors = Popen(["sensors", ] + fahrenheit, stdout=PIPE) except OSError: return None cmd_sensors.wait() stdout, _ = cmd_sensors.communicate() temp_values = {} for value in re.findall(self.sensors_temp, stdout.decode()): temp_values[value[0]] = value[1:] return temp_values def poll(self): temp_values = self.get_temp_sensors() if temp_values is None: return False text = "" if self.show_tag and self.tag_sensor is not None: text = self.tag_sensor + ": " text += "".join(temp_values.get(self.tag_sensor, ['N/A'])) temp_value = float(temp_values.get(self.tag_sensor, [0])[0]) if temp_value > self.threshold: self.layout.colour = self.foreground_alert else: self.layout.colour = self.foreground_normal return text