Source code for libqtile.widget.maildir

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# vim: set sw=4 et tw=80:

from . import base

import six
import os.path
import mailbox

[docs]class Maildir(base.ThreadedPollText): """ A simple widget showing the number of new mails in maildir mailboxes. """ defaults = [ ("maildirPath", "~/Mail", "path to the Maildir folder"), ("subFolders", [], 'The subfolders to scan (e.g. [{"path": "INBOX", ' '"label": "Home mail"}, {"path": "spam", "label": "Home junk"}]'), ("separator", " ", "the string to put between the subfolder strings."), ] def __init__(self, maildirPath=None, subFolders=None, separator=" ", **config): base.ThreadedPollText.__init__(self, **config) self.add_defaults(Maildir.defaults) if maildirPath is not None: base.deprecated("maildirPath is deprecated") self.maildirPath = maildirPath if subFolders is not None: base.deprecated("subFolders is deprecated") self.subFolders = subFolders if separator != " ": base.deprecated("separator is deprecated") self.separator = separator # if it looks like a list of strings then we just convert them # and use the name as the label if isinstance(subFolders[0], six.string_types): self._subFolders = [ {"path": folder, "label": folder} for folder in subFolders ] def poll(self): """ Scans the mailbox for new messages. @return: A string representing the current mailbox state. """ state = {} def to_maildir_fmt(paths): for path in iter(paths): yield path.rsplit(":")[0] for subFolder in self.subFolders: path = os.path.join(self.maildirPath, subFolder["path"]) maildir = mailbox.Maildir(path) state[subFolder["label"]] = 0 for file in to_maildir_fmt(os.listdir(os.path.join(path, "new"))): if file in maildir: state[subFolder["label"]] += 1 return self.format_text(state) def format_text(self, state): """ Converts the state of the subfolders to a string. @param state: a dictionary as returned by mailbox_state. @return: a string representation of the given state. """ return self.separator.join( "{}: {}".format(*item) for item in state.items() )