Source code for libqtile.widget.currentlayout

from . import base
from .. import bar, hook

[docs]class CurrentLayout(base._TextBox): """ Display the name of the current layout of the current group of the screen, the bar containing the widget, is on. """ def __init__(self, width=bar.CALCULATED, **config): base._TextBox.__init__(self, "", width, **config) def _configure(self, qtile, bar): base._TextBox._configure(self, qtile, bar) self.text =[0].name self.setup_hooks() def setup_hooks(self): def hook_response(layout, group): if group.screen is not None and group.screen == self.text = hook.subscribe.layout_change(hook_response) def button_press(self, x, y, button): if button == 1: self.qtile.cmd_next_layout() elif button == 2: self.qtile.cmd_prev_layout()