Source code for libqtile.widget.clipboard

from . import base
from .. import bar, hook, xcbq

[docs]class Clipboard(base._TextBox): """ Display current clipboard contents. """ defaults = [ ("selection", "CLIPBOARD", "the selection to display(CLIPBOARD or PRIMARY)"), ("max_width", 10, "maximum number of characters to display " "(None for all, useful when width is bar.STRETCH)"), ("timeout", 10, "Default timeout (seconds) for display text, None to keep forever"), ("blacklist", ["keepassx"], "list with blacklisted wm_class, sadly not every " "clipboard window sets them, keepassx does." "Clipboard contents from blacklisted wm_classes " "will be replaced by the value of ``blacklist_text``."), ("blacklist_text", "***********", "text to display when the wm_class is blacklisted") ] def __init__(self, width=bar.CALCULATED, **config): base._TextBox.__init__(self, "", width, **config) self.add_defaults(Clipboard.defaults) self.timeout_id = None def _configure(self, qtile, bar): base._TextBox._configure(self, qtile, bar) self.text = "" self.setup_hooks() def clear(self, *args): self.text = "" def is_blacklisted(self, owner_id): if not self.blacklist: return False if owner_id in self.qtile.windowMap: owner = self.qtile.windowMap[owner_id].window else: owner = xcbq.Window(self.qtile.conn, owner_id) owner_class = owner.get_wm_class() if owner_class: for wm_class in self.blacklist: if wm_class in owner_class: return True def setup_hooks(self): def hook_change(name, selection): if name != self.selection: return if self.is_blacklisted(selection["owner"]): text = self.blacklist_text else: text = selection["selection"].replace("\n", " ") text = text.strip() if self.max_width is not None and len(text) > self.max_width: text = text[:self.max_width] + "..." self.text = text if self.timeout_id: self.timeout_id.cancel() self.timeout_id = None if self.timeout: self.timeout_id = self.timeout_add(self.timeout, self.clear) def hook_notify(name, selection): if name != self.selection: return if self.timeout_id: self.timeout_id.cancel() self.timeout_id = None # only clear if don't change don't apply in .5 seconds self.timeout_id = self.timeout_add(.5, self.clear) hook.subscribe.selection_notify(hook_notify) hook.subscribe.selection_change(hook_change)