Source code for libqtile.widget.backlight

import os
from . import base

BACKLIGHT_DIR = '/sys/class/backlight'

FORMAT = '{percent: 2.0%}'

[docs]class Backlight(base.InLoopPollText): """ A simple widget to show the current brightness of a monitor. """ filenames = {} defaults = [ ('backlight_name', 'acpi_video0', 'ACPI name of a backlight device'), ( 'brightness_file', 'brightness', 'Name of file with the ' 'current brightness in /sys/class/backlight/backlight_name' ), ( 'max_brightness_file', 'max_brightness', 'Name of file with the ' 'maximum brightness in /sys/class/backlight/backlight_name' ), ('update_interval', .2, 'The delay in seconds between updates'), ] def __init__(self, **config): base.InLoopPollText.__init__(self, **config) self.add_defaults(Backlight.defaults) def _load_file(self, name): try: path = os.path.join(BACKLIGHT_DIR, self.backlight_name, name) with open(path, 'r') as f: return except IOError: return False except Exception: self.log.exception("Failed to get %s" % name) def _get_info(self): try: info = { 'brightness': float(self._load_file(self.brightness_file)), 'max': float(self._load_file(self.max_brightness_file)), } except TypeError: return False return info def poll(self): info = self._get_info() if info is False: return 'Error' percent = info['brightness'] / info['max'] return FORMAT.format(percent=percent)