Client-Server Scripting Model

Qtile has a client-server control model - the main Qtile instance listens on a named pipe, over which marshalled command calls and response data is passed. This allows Qtile to be controlled fully from external scripts. Remote interaction occurs through an instance of the libqtile.command.interface.IPCCommandInterface class. This class establishes a connection to the currently running instance of Qtile. A libqtile.command.client.InteractiveCommandClient can use this connection to dispatch commands to the running instance. Commands then appear as methods with the appropriate signature on the InteractiveCommandClient object. The object hierarchy is described in the Commands API section of this manual. Full command documentation is available through the Qtile Shell.


Below is a very minimal example script that inspects the current Qtile instance, and returns the integer offset of the current screen.

from libqtile.command.client import InteractiveCommandClient
c = InteractiveCommandClient()