The Qtile command shell is a command-line shell interface that provides access to the full complement of Qtile command functions. The shell features command name completion, and full command documentation can be accessed from the shell itself. The shell uses GNU Readline when it’s available, so the interface can be configured to, for example, obey VI keybindings with an appropriate .inputrc file. See the GNU Readline documentation for more information.

Live Documentation

The shell help command provides the canonical documentation for the Qtile API:

> cd layout/1

layout[1]> help
help command   -- Help for a specific command.

cd    exit  help  ls    q     quit

Commands for this object
add           commands      current       delete        doc
down          get info      items         next          previous
rotate        shuffle_down  shuffle_up    toggle_split  up

layout[1]> help previous
Focus previous stack.



class libqtile.sh.QSh(client: libqtile.command_interface.CommandInterface, completekey='tab')[source]

Qtile shell instance

do_cd(arg) → str[source]

Change to another path.


cd layout/0

cd ../layout

do_exit(args) → None[source]

Exit qshell

do_ls(arg: str) → str[source]

List contained items on a node.


> ls > ls ../layout

do_pwd(arg) → str[source]

Returns the current working location

This is the same information as presented in the qshell prompt, but is very useful when running iqshell.


> pwd / > cd bar/top bar[‘top’]> pwd bar[‘top’]

do_help(arg) → str[source]

Give help on commands and builtins

When invoked without arguments, provides an overview of all commands. When passed as an argument, also provides a detailed help on a specific command or builtin.


> help

> help command