A Rofi/dmenu interface to qcmd. Accepts all arguments of qcmd.


Output of dqcmd -o cmd


Output of dqcmd -h


    A Rofi/dmenu interface to qcmd. Excepts all arguments o qcmd (see below).

usage: dqcmd [-h] [--object OBJ_SPEC [OBJ_SPEC ...]] [--function FUNCTION]
            [--args ARGS [ARGS ...]] [--info]

Simple tool to expose qtile.command functionality to shell.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --object OBJ_SPEC [OBJ_SPEC ...], -o OBJ_SPEC [OBJ_SPEC ...]
                        Specify path to object (space separated). If no
                        --function flag display available commands.
  --function FUNCTION, -f FUNCTION
                        Select function to execute.
  --args ARGS [ARGS ...], -a ARGS [ARGS ...]
                        Set arguments supplied to function.
  --info, -i            With both --object and --function args prints
                        documentation for function.

 dqcmd -o cmd
 dqcmd -o cmd -f prev_layout -i
 dqcmd -o cmd -f prev_layout -a 3 # prev_layout on group 3
 dqcmd -o group 3 -f focus_back

If both rofi and dmenu are present rofi will be selected as default, to change this us --force-dmenu as the first argument.