Installing on Arch Linux

Qtile is available on the AUR as:

Using an AUR Helper

The preferred way to install Qtile is with an AUR helper. For example, if you use yaourt:

# for release
yaourt -S qtile
# or for develop
yaourt -S qtile-python3-git

Using pacman

sudo pacman -S python pango python-cairocffi python-xcffib

Also you need one qtile package from the AUR:

Installing AUR packages without helper

To install these packages, download the .tar.gz’s from the AUR and run the following commands for each:

tar -xvzf <packagename>-<vernum>.tar.gz
cd <packagename>-<vernum>
makepkg -s
sudo pacman -U <packagename>

Please see the Arch Wiki for more information on installing packages from the AUR: