Source code for libqtile.backend.x11.core

# Copyright (c) 2019 Aldo Cortesi
# Copyright (c) 2019 Sean Vig
# Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
# of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
# in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
# to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
# copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is
# furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:
# The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in
# all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

from __future__ import annotations

import asyncio
import contextlib
import os
import signal
import time
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

import xcffib
import xcffib.render
import xcffib.xproto
import xcffib.xtest
from xcffib.xproto import EventMask

from libqtile import config, hook, utils
from libqtile.backend import base
from libqtile.backend.x11 import window, xcbq
from libqtile.backend.x11.xkeysyms import keysyms
from libqtile.config import ScreenRect
from libqtile.log_utils import logger
from libqtile.utils import QtileError

    from typing import Callable, Iterator

    # DWM handles this to help "broken focusing windows".

def get_keys() -> list[str]:
    return list(xcbq.keysyms.keys())

def get_modifiers() -> list[str]:
    return list(xcbq.ModMasks.keys())

class ExistingWMException(Exception):

[docs]class Core(base.Core): def __init__(self, display_name: str | None = None) -> None: """Setup the X11 core backend :param display_name: The display name to setup the X11 connection to. Uses the DISPLAY environment variable if not given. """ if display_name is None: display_name = os.environ.get("DISPLAY") if not display_name: raise QtileError("No DISPLAY set") self.conn = xcbq.Connection(display_name) self._display_name = display_name # Because we only do Xinerama multi-screening, # we can assume that the first # screen's root is _the_ root. self._root = self.conn.default_screen.root supporting_wm_wid = self._root.get_property( "_NET_SUPPORTING_WM_CHECK", "WINDOW", unpack=int ) if len(supporting_wm_wid) > 0: supporting_wm_wid = supporting_wm_wid[0] supporting_wm = window.XWindow(self.conn, supporting_wm_wid) existing_wmname = supporting_wm.get_property( "_NET_WM_NAME", "UTF8_STRING", unpack=str ) if existing_wmname: logger.error("not starting; existing window manager %s", existing_wmname) raise ExistingWMException(existing_wmname) self.eventmask = ( EventMask.StructureNotify | EventMask.SubstructureNotify | EventMask.SubstructureRedirect | EventMask.EnterWindow | EventMask.LeaveWindow | EventMask.ButtonPress ) self._root.set_attribute(eventmask=self.eventmask) self._root.set_property( "_NET_SUPPORTED", [self.conn.atoms[x] for x in xcbq.SUPPORTED_ATOMS] ) self._wmname = "qtile" self._supporting_wm_check_window = self.conn.create_window(-1, -1, 1, 1) self._supporting_wm_check_window.set_property("_NET_WM_NAME", self._wmname) self._supporting_wm_check_window.set_property("_NET_WM_PID", os.getpid()) self._supporting_wm_check_window.set_property( "_NET_SUPPORTING_WM_CHECK", self._supporting_wm_check_window.wid ) self._root.set_property("_NET_SUPPORTING_WM_CHECK", self._supporting_wm_check_window.wid) self._selection = { "PRIMARY": {"owner": None, "selection": ""}, "CLIPBOARD": {"owner": None, "selection": ""}, } self._selection_window = self.conn.create_window(-1, -1, 1, 1) self._selection_window.set_attribute(eventmask=EventMask.PropertyChange) if hasattr(self.conn, "xfixes"): self.conn.xfixes.select_selection_input(self._selection_window, "PRIMARY") self.conn.xfixes.select_selection_input(self._selection_window, "CLIPBOARD") primary_atom = self.conn.atoms["PRIMARY"] reply = self.conn.conn.core.GetSelectionOwner(primary_atom).reply() self._selection["PRIMARY"]["owner"] = reply.owner clipboard_atom = self.conn.atoms["CLIPBOARD"] reply = self.conn.conn.core.GetSelectionOwner(primary_atom).reply() self._selection["CLIPBOARD"]["owner"] = reply.owner # ask for selection on start-up self.convert_selection(primary_atom) self.convert_selection(clipboard_atom) # setup the default cursor self._root.set_cursor("left_ptr") self._painter = None self._xtest = self.conn.conn(xcffib.xtest.key) numlock_code = self.conn.keysym_to_keycode(xcbq.keysyms["num_lock"])[0] self._numlock_mask = xcbq.ModMasks.get(self.conn.get_modifier(numlock_code), 0) self._valid_mask = ~( self._numlock_mask | xcbq.ModMasks["lock"] | xcbq.AllButtonsMask | xcbq.PointerMotionHintMask ) # The last motion notify event that we still need to handle self._motion_notify: xcffib.Event | None = None # The last time we were handling a MotionNotify event self._last_motion_time = 0 self.last_focused: base.Window | None = None @property def name(self): return "x11" def finalize(self) -> None: with contextlib.suppress(xcffib.ConnectionException): self.conn.conn.core.DeletePropertyChecked( self._root.wid, self.conn.atoms["_NET_SUPPORTING_WM_CHECK"], ).check() if hasattr(self, "qtile"): delattr(self, "qtile") self.conn.finalize() def get_screen_info(self) -> list[ScreenRect]: ps = self.conn.pseudoscreens if self.qtile: self._xpoll() return ps @property def wmname(self): return self._wmname @wmname.setter def wmname(self, wmname): self._wmname = wmname self._supporting_wm_check_window.set_property("_NET_WM_NAME", wmname) def setup_listener(self) -> None: """Setup a listener for the given qtile instance :param qtile: The qtile instance to dispatch events to. :param eventloop: The eventloop to use to listen to the file descriptor. """ logger.debug("Adding io watch") self.fd = self.conn.conn.get_file_descriptor() asyncio.get_running_loop().add_reader(self.fd, self._xpoll) def remove_listener(self) -> None: """Remove the listener from the given event loop""" if self.fd is not None: logger.debug("Removing io watch") loop = asyncio.get_running_loop() loop.remove_reader(self.fd) self.fd = None def on_config_load(self, initial) -> None: """Assign windows to groups""" assert self.qtile is not None # Ensure that properties are initialised at startup self.update_client_lists() if not initial: # We are just reloading config managed_wins = [ w for w in self.qtile.windows_map.values() if isinstance(w, window.Window) ] for managed_win in managed_wins: managed_win.set_group() return # Qtile just started - scan for clients for wid in self._root.query_tree(): item = window.XWindow(self.conn, wid) try: attrs = item.get_attributes() state = item.get_wm_state() internal = item.get_property("QTILE_INTERNAL") except (xcffib.xproto.WindowError, xcffib.xproto.AccessError): continue if ( attrs and attrs.map_state == xcffib.xproto.MapState.Unmapped or attrs.override_redirect ): continue if state and state[0] == window.WithdrawnState: item.unmap() continue if item.wid in self.qtile.windows_map: win = self.qtile.windows_map[item.wid] win.unhide() return if internal: win = window.Internal(item, self.qtile) else: win = window.Window(item, self.qtile) if item.get_wm_type() == "dock" or win.reserved_space: assert self.qtile.current_screen is not None win.static(self.qtile.current_screen.index) continue self.qtile.manage(win) self.update_client_lists() win.change_layer() def warp_pointer(self, x, y): self._root.warp_pointer(x, y) self._root.set_input_focus() self._root.set_property("_NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW", self._root.wid) def convert_selection(self, selection_atom, _type="UTF8_STRING") -> None: type_atom = self.conn.atoms[_type] self.conn.conn.core.ConvertSelection( self._selection_window.wid, selection_atom, type_atom, selection_atom, xcffib.CurrentTime, ) def handle_event(self, event): """Handle an X11 event by forwarding it to the right target""" event_type = event.__class__.__name__ if event_type.endswith("Event"): event_type = event_type[:-5] targets = self._get_target_chain(event_type, event) logger.debug("X11 event: %s (targets: %s)", event_type, targets) for target in targets: ret = target(event) if not ret: break def _xpoll(self) -> None: """Poll the connection and dispatch incoming events""" assert self.qtile is not None while True: try: event = self.conn.conn.poll_for_event() if not event: break if event.__class__ in _IGNORED_EVENTS: continue # Motion Notifies are handled later # Otherwise this is too CPU intensive if isinstance(event, xcffib.xproto.MotionNotifyEvent): self._motion_notify = event else: # These events need the motion notify event handled first handle_motion_first = type(event) in [ xcffib.xproto.EnterNotifyEvent, xcffib.xproto.LeaveNotifyEvent, xcffib.xproto.ButtonPressEvent, xcffib.xproto.ButtonReleaseEvent, ] # Handle events in the correct order if self._motion_notify and handle_motion_first: self.handle_event(self._motion_notify) self._motion_notify = None self.handle_event(event) # Catch some bad X exceptions. Since X is event based, race # conditions can occur almost anywhere in the code. For example, if # a window is created and then immediately destroyed (before the # event handler is evoked), when the event handler tries to examine # the window properties, it will throw a WindowError exception. We # can essentially ignore it, since the window is already dead and # we've got another event in the queue notifying us to clean it up. except ( xcffib.xproto.WindowError, xcffib.xproto.AccessError, xcffib.xproto.DrawableError, xcffib.xproto.GContextError, xcffib.xproto.PixmapError, xcffib.render.PictureError, ): pass except Exception: error_code = self.conn.conn.has_error() if error_code: logger.warning("Shutting down due to disconnection from X server") self.remove_listener() self.qtile.stop() return logger.exception("Got an exception in poll loop") # Handle any outstanding motion notify events if self._motion_notify: self.handle_event(self._motion_notify) self._motion_notify = None self.flush() def _get_target_chain(self, event_type: str, event) -> list[Callable]: """Returns a chain of targets that can handle this event Finds functions named `handle_X`, either on the window object itself or on the Qtile instance, where X is the event name (e.g. EnterNotify, ConfigureNotify, etc). The event will be passed to each target in turn for handling, until one of the handlers returns False or None, or the end of the chain is reached. """ assert self.qtile is not None handler = "handle_{event_type}".format(event_type=event_type) # Certain events expose the affected window id as an "event" attribute. event_events = [ "EnterNotify", "LeaveNotify", "MotionNotify", "ButtonPress", "ButtonRelease", "KeyPress", ] if hasattr(event, "window"): window = self.qtile.windows_map.get(event.window) elif hasattr(event, "drawable"): window = self.qtile.windows_map.get(event.drawable) elif event_type in event_events: window = self.qtile.windows_map.get(event.event) else: window = None chain = [] if window is not None and hasattr(window, handler): chain.append(getattr(window, handler)) if hasattr(self, handler): chain.append(getattr(self, handler)) return chain def get_valid_timestamp(self): """Get a valid timestamp, i.e. not CurrentTime, for X server. It may be used in cases where CurrentTime is unacceptable for X server.""" # do a zero length append to get the time offset as suggested by ICCCM # # we do this on a separate connection since we can't receive events # without returning control to the event loop, which we can't do # because the event loop (via some window event) wants to know the # current time. conn = None try: conn = xcbq.Connection(self._display_name) conn.default_screen.root.set_attribute(eventmask=EventMask.PropertyChange) conn.conn.core.ChangePropertyChecked( xcffib.xproto.PropMode.Append, self._root.wid, self.conn.atoms["WM_CLASS"], self.conn.atoms["STRING"], 8, 0, "", ).check() while True: event = conn.conn.wait_for_event() if event.__class__ != xcffib.xproto.PropertyNotifyEvent: continue return event.time finally: if conn is not None: conn.finalize() @property def display_name(self) -> str: """The name of the connected display""" return self._display_name def update_client_lists(self) -> None: """Updates the _NET_CLIENT_LIST and _NET_CLIENT_LIST_STACKING properties This is needed for third party tasklists and drag and drop of tabs in chrome """ assert self.qtile # Regular top-level managed windows, i.e. excluding Static, Internal and Systray Icons wids = [wid for wid, c in self.qtile.windows_map.items() if isinstance(c, window.Window)] self._root.set_property("_NET_CLIENT_LIST", wids) # We rely on the stacking order from the X server stacked_wids = [] for wid in self._root.query_tree(): win = self.qtile.windows_map.get(wid) if not win: continue if isinstance(win, window.Window) and stacked_wids.append(wid) self._root.set_property("_NET_CLIENT_LIST_STACKING", stacked_wids) def update_desktops(self, groups, index: int) -> None: """Set the current desktops of the window manager The list of desktops is given by the list of groups, with the current desktop given by the index """ self._root.set_property("_NET_NUMBER_OF_DESKTOPS", len(groups)) self._root.set_property("_NET_DESKTOP_NAMES", "\0".join( for i in groups)) self._root.set_property("_NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP", index) viewport = [] for group in groups: viewport += [group.screen.x, group.screen.y] if group.screen else [0, 0] self._root.set_property("_NET_DESKTOP_VIEWPORT", viewport) def lookup_key(self, key: config.Key | config.KeyChord) -> tuple[int, int]: """Find the keysym and the modifier mask for the given key""" try: keysym = xcbq.get_keysym(key.key) modmask = xcbq.translate_masks(key.modifiers) except xcbq.XCBQError as err: raise utils.QtileError(err) return keysym, modmask def grab_key(self, key: config.Key | config.KeyChord) -> tuple[int, int]: """Map the key to receive events on it""" keysym, modmask = self.lookup_key(key) codes = self.conn.keysym_to_keycode(keysym) for code in codes: if code == 0: logger.warning("Can't grab %s (unknown keysym: %02x)", key, keysym) continue for amask in self._auto_modmasks(): self.conn.conn.core.GrabKey( True, self._root.wid, modmask | amask, code, xcffib.xproto.GrabMode.Async, xcffib.xproto.GrabMode.Async, ) return keysym, modmask & self._valid_mask def ungrab_key(self, key: config.Key | config.KeyChord) -> tuple[int, int]: """Ungrab the key corresponding to the given keysym and modifier mask""" keysym, modmask = self.lookup_key(key) codes = self.conn.keysym_to_keycode(keysym) for code in codes: for amask in self._auto_modmasks(): self.conn.conn.core.UngrabKey(code, self._root.wid, modmask | amask) return keysym, modmask & self._valid_mask def ungrab_keys(self) -> None: """Ungrab all of the key events""" self.conn.conn.core.UngrabKey( xcffib.xproto.Atom.Any, self._root.wid, xcffib.xproto.ModMask.Any ) def grab_pointer(self) -> None: """Get the focus for pointer events""" self.conn.conn.core.GrabPointer( True, self._root.wid, xcbq.ButtonMotionMask | xcbq.AllButtonsMask | xcbq.ButtonReleaseMask, xcffib.xproto.GrabMode.Async, xcffib.xproto.GrabMode.Async, xcffib.xproto.Atom._None, xcffib.xproto.Atom._None, xcffib.xproto.Atom._None, ) def ungrab_pointer(self) -> None: """Ungrab the focus for pointer events""" self.conn.conn.core.UngrabPointer(xcffib.xproto.Atom._None) def grab_button(self, mouse: config.Mouse) -> int: """Grab the given mouse button for events""" modmask = xcbq.translate_masks(mouse.modifiers) eventmask = EventMask.ButtonPress if isinstance(mouse, config.Drag): eventmask |= EventMask.ButtonRelease for amask in self._auto_modmasks(): self.conn.conn.core.GrabButton( True, self._root.wid, eventmask, xcffib.xproto.GrabMode.Async, xcffib.xproto.GrabMode.Async, xcffib.xproto.Atom._None, xcffib.xproto.Atom._None, mouse.button_code, modmask | amask, ) return modmask & self._valid_mask def ungrab_buttons(self) -> None: """Un-grab all mouse events""" self.conn.conn.core.UngrabButton( xcffib.xproto.Atom.Any, self._root.wid, xcffib.xproto.ModMask.Any ) def _auto_modmasks(self) -> Iterator[int]: """The modifier masks to add""" yield 0 yield xcbq.ModMasks["lock"] if self._numlock_mask: yield self._numlock_mask yield self._numlock_mask | xcbq.ModMasks["lock"] @contextlib.contextmanager def masked(self): for i in self.qtile.windows_map.values(): i._disable_mask(EventMask.EnterWindow | EventMask.FocusChange | EventMask.LeaveWindow) yield for i in self.qtile.windows_map.values(): i._reset_mask() def create_internal( self, x: int, y: int, width: int, height: int, desired_depth: int | None = 32 ) -> base.Internal: assert self.qtile is not None win = self.conn.create_window(x, y, width, height, desired_depth) internal = window.Internal(win, self.qtile, desired_depth), y, width, height, 0, None) self.qtile.manage(internal) return internal def handle_FocusOut(self, event) -> None: # noqa: N802 if event.detail == xcffib.xproto.NotifyDetail._None: self.conn.fixup_focus() def handle_SelectionNotify(self, event) -> None: # noqa: N802 if not getattr(event, "owner", None): return name = self.conn.atoms.get_name(event.selection) self._selection[name]["owner"] = event.owner self._selection[name]["selection"] = "" self.convert_selection(event.selection)"selection_notify", name, self._selection[name]) def handle_PropertyNotify(self, event) -> None: # noqa: N802 name = self.conn.atoms.get_name(event.atom) # it's the selection property if name in ("PRIMARY", "CLIPBOARD"): assert event.window == self._selection_window.wid prop = self._selection_window.get_property(event.atom, "UTF8_STRING") # If the selection property is None, it is unset, which means the # clipboard is empty. value = prop and prop.value.to_utf8() or "" self._selection[name]["selection"] = value"selection_change", name, self._selection[name]) def handle_ClientMessage(self, event) -> None: # noqa: N802 assert self.qtile is not None atoms = self.conn.atoms opcode = event.type data = # handle change of desktop if atoms["_NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP"] == opcode: index = data.data32[0] try: self.qtile.groups[index].toscreen() except IndexError: logger.debug("Invalid desktop index: %s", index) def handle_KeyPress(self, event, *, simulated=False) -> None: # noqa: N802 assert self.qtile is not None keysym = self.conn.code_to_syms[event.detail][0] key, handled = self.qtile.process_key_event(keysym, event.state & self._valid_mask) if simulated: # Even though simulated keybindings could use a proper X11 event, we don't want do any fake input # This is because it needs extra code for e.g. pressing/releasing the modifiers # This we don't want to handle and instead leave to external tools such as xdotool return # As we're grabbing async we can't just replay it, so... # We need to forward the event to the focused window if not handled and key: # We need to ungrab the key as otherwise we get an event loop self.ungrab_key(key) # Modifier is pressed, just repeat the event with xtest self._fake_KeyPress(event) # Grab the key again self.grab_key(key) def handle_ButtonPress(self, event) -> None: # noqa: N802 assert self.qtile is not None button_code = event.detail state = event.state & self._valid_mask if not event.child: # The client's handle_ButtonPress will focus it self.focus_by_click(event) self.qtile.process_button_click(button_code, state, event.event_x, event.event_y) self.conn.conn.core.AllowEvents(xcffib.xproto.Allow.ReplayPointer, event.time) def handle_ButtonRelease(self, event) -> None: # noqa: N802 assert self.qtile is not None button_code = event.detail state = event.state & self._valid_mask self.qtile.process_button_release(button_code, state) def handle_MotionNotify(self, event) -> None: # noqa: N802 assert self.qtile is not None # Limit the motion notify events from happening too frequently # As we already handle motion notify events "later", the default is None # So we also need to check if this has to be done in the first place resize_fps = self.qtile.current_screen.x11_drag_polling_rate if resize_fps is not None and (event.time - self._last_motion_time) <= ( 1000 / resize_fps ): return self._last_motion_time = event.time self.qtile.process_button_motion(event.event_x, event.event_y) def handle_ConfigureRequest(self, event): # noqa: N802 # It's not managed, or not mapped, so we just obey it. cw = xcffib.xproto.ConfigWindow args = {} if event.value_mask & cw.X: args["x"] = max(event.x, 0) if event.value_mask & cw.Y: args["y"] = max(event.y, 0) if event.value_mask & cw.Height: args["height"] = max(event.height, 0) if event.value_mask & cw.Width: args["width"] = max(event.width, 0) if event.value_mask & cw.BorderWidth: args["borderwidth"] = max(event.border_width, 0) w = window.XWindow(self.conn, event.window) w.configure(**args) def handle_MappingNotify(self, event): # noqa: N802 assert self.qtile is not None self.conn.refresh_keymap() if event.request == xcffib.xproto.Mapping.Keyboard: self.qtile.grab_keys() def handle_MapRequest(self, event) -> None: # noqa: N802 assert self.qtile is not None xwin = window.XWindow(self.conn, event.window) try: attrs = xwin.get_attributes() internal = xwin.get_property("QTILE_INTERNAL") except (xcffib.xproto.WindowError, xcffib.xproto.AccessError): return if attrs and attrs.override_redirect: return win = self.qtile.windows_map.get(xwin.wid) if win: if isinstance(win, window.Window) and is self.qtile.current_group: win.unhide() return if internal: win = window.Internal(xwin, self.qtile) self.qtile.manage(win) win.unhide() else: win = window.Window(xwin, self.qtile) if xwin.get_wm_type() == "dock" or win.reserved_space: assert self.qtile.current_screen is not None win.static(self.qtile.current_screen.index) return self.qtile.manage(win) if not or not return win.unhide() self.update_client_lists() win.change_layer() def handle_DestroyNotify(self, event) -> None: # noqa: N802 assert self.qtile is not None self.qtile.unmanage(event.window) self.update_client_lists() if self.qtile.current_window is None: self.conn.fixup_focus() def handle_UnmapNotify(self, event) -> None: # noqa: N802 assert self.qtile is not None win = self.qtile.windows_map.get(event.window) if win and getattr(win, "group", None): try: win.hide() win.state = window.WithdrawnState # type: ignore except xcffib.xproto.WindowError: # This means that the window has probably been destroyed, # but we haven't yet seen the DestroyNotify (it is likely # next in the queue). So, we just let these errors pass # since the window is dead. pass # Clear these atoms as per spec win.window.conn.conn.core.DeleteProperty( win.wid, win.window.conn.atoms["_NET_WM_STATE"] ) win.window.conn.conn.core.DeleteProperty( win.wid, win.window.conn.atoms["_NET_WM_DESKTOP"] ) self.qtile.unmanage(event.window) self.update_client_lists() if self.qtile.current_window is None: self.conn.fixup_focus() def handle_ScreenChangeNotify(self, event) -> None: # noqa: N802"screen_change", event) def _fake_input(self, input_type, detail, x=0, y=0) -> None: self._xtest.FakeInput( input_type, detail, 0, # This is a delay, not timestamp, according to AwesomeWM xcffib.XCB_NONE, x, # x: Only used for motion events y, # y: Only used for motion events 0, ) self.flush() def _fake_KeyPress(self, event) -> None: # noqa: N802 # First release the key as it is possibly already pressed for input_type in ( xcbq.XCB_KEY_RELEASE, xcbq.XCB_KEY_PRESS, xcbq.XCB_KEY_RELEASE, ): self._fake_input(input_type, event.detail) @contextlib.contextmanager def disable_unmap_events(self): self._root.set_attribute(eventmask=self.eventmask & (~EventMask.SubstructureNotify)) yield self._root.set_attribute(eventmask=self.eventmask) @property def painter(self): if self._painter is None: self._painter = xcbq.Painter(self._display_name) return self._painter def simulate_keypress(self, modifiers, key): """Simulates a keypress on the focused window.""" modmasks = xcbq.translate_masks(modifiers) keysym = xcbq.keysyms.get(key.lower()) class DummyEv: pass d = DummyEv() d.detail = self.conn.keysym_to_keycode(keysym)[0] d.state = modmasks self.handle_KeyPress(d, simulated=True) def focus_by_click(self, e, window=None): """Bring a window to the front Parameters ========== e: xcb event Click event used to determine window to focus """ qtile = self.qtile assert qtile is not None if window: if qtile.config.bring_front_click and ( qtile.config.bring_front_click != "floating_only" or getattr(window, "floating", False) ): window.bring_to_front() try: if is not qtile.current_screen: qtile.focus_screen(, warp=False) qtile.current_group.focus(window, False) window.focus(False) except AttributeError: # probably clicked an internal window screen = qtile.find_screen(e.root_x, e.root_y) if screen: qtile.focus_screen(screen.index, warp=False) else: # clicked on root window screen = qtile.find_screen(e.root_x, e.root_y) if screen: if qtile.current_window: qtile.current_window._grab_click() qtile.focus_screen(screen.index, warp=False) def flush(self): self.conn.flush() def graceful_shutdown(self): """Try to close windows gracefully before exiting""" try: pids = [] for win in self.qtile.windows_map.values(): if not isinstance(win, base.Internal): if pid := win.get_pid(): pids.append(pid) except xcffib.ConnectionException: logger.warning("Server disconnected, couldn't close windows gracefully.") return # Give the windows a chance to shut down nicely. for pid in pids: try: os.kill(pid, signal.SIGTERM) except OSError: # might have died recently pass def still_alive(pid): # most pids will not be children, so we can't use wait() try: os.kill(pid, 0) return True except OSError: return False # give everyone a little time to exit and write their state. but don't # sleep forever (1s). for i in range(10): pids = list(filter(still_alive, pids)) if len(pids) == 0: break time.sleep(0.1) def get_mouse_position(self) -> tuple[int, int]: """ Get mouse coordinates. """ reply = self.conn.conn.core.QueryPointer(self._root.wid).reply() return reply.root_x, reply.root_y def keysym_from_name(self, name: str) -> int: """Get the keysym for a key from its name""" return keysyms[name.lower()] def check_stacking(self, win: base.Window) -> None: """Triggers restacking if a fullscreen window loses focus.""" if win is self.last_focused: return if self.last_focused and self.last_focused.fullscreen: self.last_focused.change_layer() self.last_focused = win