Installing on Funtoo

Latest versions of Qtile are available on Funtoo. To install it, run:

emerge -av x11-wm/qtile

You can also install the development version from GitHub:

echo "x11-wm/qtile-9999 **" >> /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords
emerge -av qtile


You can customize your installation with the following useflags:

  • dbus

  • widget-khal-calendar

  • widget-imap

  • widget-keyboardkbdd

  • widget-launchbar

  • widget-mpd

  • widget-mpris

  • widget-wlan

The dbus useflag is enabled by default. Disable it only if you know what it is and know you don't use/need it.

All widget-* useflags are disabled by default because these widgets require additional dependencies while not everyone will use them. Enable only widgets you need to avoid extra dependencies thanks to these useflags.

Visit Funtoo Qtile documentation for more details on Qtile installation on Funtoo.