Installing on Arch Linux

Qtile is available on the AUR as:

Package Name Description
qtile stable branch (release)
qtile-python3-git development branch

Using an AUR Helper

The preferred way to install Qtile is with an AUR helper. For example, if you use yaourt:

yaourt -S <package-name>

Using makepkg

The latest version of either package can be obtained by downloading a snapshot or cloning its repository:

# snapshot
curl -s<package-name>.tar.gz | tar -xvzf -
# or repository
git clone<package-name>.git

Next makepkg has to be called in the directory where the files were saved. It installs missing dependencies using pacman, builds the package, installs it and removes obsolete build-time dependencies afterwards:

cd <package-name>
makepkg -sri

Please see the ArchWiki for more information on installing packages from the AUR.