Qtile 0.5 release notes

November 11th, 2012

Download qtile-0.5.tar.gz

This marks the first officially community managed release.



  • Test framework is now nose
  • Documentation is now in sphinx
  • Several install guides for various OSes
  • New widgets: battery based icon, MPRIS1, canto, current layout, yahoo weather, sensors, screen brightness, notifiy, pacman, windowtabs, she, crashme, wifi.
  • Several improvements to old widgets (e.g. battery widget displays low battery in red, GroupBox now has a better indication of which screen has focus in multi-screen setups, improvements to Prompt, etc.)
  • Desktop notification service.
  • More sane way to handle configuration files
  • Promote dgroups to a first class entity in libqtile
  • Allow layouts to be named on an instance level, so you can:

    layouts = [
        # a layout just for gimp
        layout.Slice('left', 192, name='gimp', role='gimp*toolbox',
            fallback=layout.Slice('right', 256, role='gimp*dock',
            fallback=layout.Stack(stacks=1, **border_args)))
    dynamic_groups = { 'gimp': {'layout': 'gimp'} }
    Dgroups(..., dynamic_groups, ...)
  • New Layout: Zoomy
  • Add a session manager to re-exec qtile if things go south
  • Support for WM_TAKE_FOCUS protocol
  • Basic .desktop file for support in login managers
  • Qsh reconnects after qtile is restarted from within it
  • Textbox supports pango markup
  • Examples moved to qtile-examples repository.

Bug fixes

  • Fix several classes of X races in a more sane way
  • Minor typo fixes to most widgets
  • Fix several crashes when drawing systray icons too early
  • Create directories for qtile socket as necessary
  • PEP8 formatting updates (though we’re not totally there yet)
  • All unit tests pass
  • Lots of bugfixes to MonadTall
  • Create IPC socket directory if necessary
  • Better error if two widgets have STRETCH width
  • Autofloat window classes can now be overridden
  • xkeysyms updated

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